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I'm Stella, and my mission is to cut through the visual noise by curating impactful visuals that weave seamlessly into your brand narrative. I'll bring order to the chaos, deliver compelling visual stories, and maintain consistent high quality images.

I am actively seeking a photo editor/visual curator role in the fields of travel, hospitality, real estate, architecture, interior design, the stock photography industry, private or public photo archives, technology, software, and the internet.

I’m excited to embark on this creative journey with you!


Material Bank

Boca Raton, FL

Inspiration Everything, Everywhere, All at once...

As an extension of its core sampling material business, Material Bank provides an inspiration tool for its expanding clientele of architects and interior designers.

Built from the ground up and backed with a highly creative team of visual curators and writers, the tool introduces an unparalleled visual reference collection packed with powerful search features and content.

Material splendor:

An image collection where the photographer's skillful lens captures the essence of material surfaces in built environments through the mesmerizing interplay of light, shadow and graphic composition.

playing with planes:

An image collection where architectural structures serve as the building blocks for surreal art. These visually striking juxtapositions offer architects and interior designers to reimagine and infuse creativity not only in their renderings but for their future projects.

cerulean blue:

From the sleek lines of modern architecture bathed in cerulean light to abstract compositions that capture the essence of this timeless color, these visuals are a wellspring of inspiration for architects and interior designers during their conceptual stages. Dive into the world of cerulean blue and let its depth and vibrancy guide your vision as you craft spaces that resonate with serenity and sophistication.

Architectural Dreams

An image collection where architectural structures serve as the building blocks for surreal art. These visually striking juxtapositions offer architects and interior designers a rich source of inspiration to reimagine and infuse creativity not only in their renderings but for their future projects.

connectors and Extensions:

This curated collection invites you to witness the innovative ways in which connectors and extensions unite traditional design principles with the sleek elegance of modern architecture.They breathe new life into historic settings while honoring their rich heritage.

Nature’s veil:

A curated collection of captivating images that explores how camouflage and adaptive designs can forge a harmonious relationship between human-made structures and the environment, fostering sustainable and efficient urban spaces.


What role did photography play in changing the trajectory of Airbnb?

“Huge! We might not be here without it,”

-Airbnb Co-Founder Joe Gebbia, interview with Chase Jarvis.


San Francisco, CA

The Photo Editors at the Marketplace Photography Team meticulously reviewed and approved high-volume photo submissions, aligning them with the company's brand standards.


20% increase in earnings

Hosts with professional photos may earn more than other hosts in their area.

20% more bookings

Photos are one of the top 3 reasons guests choose to book.







Creative Process

In my role as a photo editor and visual curator, I apply my problem-solving skills and holistic mindset to ensure that the final selection of images tells a visually cohesive and compelling story.

When curating collections or editing photos, I delve deep to understand the essence of the content. I approach each project with curiosity, asking questions to discern the core message and intent behind the visuals.

Recognizing the importance of the bigger picture, I aim to create curated collections that not only showcase individual images but also convey a broader message or theme.

My ability to shift between various perspectives, zooming in on details and zooming out to see the overall narrative, empowers me to craft visually captivating and emotionally resonant collections.

Team collaboration

Whether it's ingesting millions of images from diverse photo sources or reviewing high-volume image submissions from a photography pool, establishing and sustaining efficient workflows is paramount for successful team collaborations.

With a proactive mindset, let us work together to identify potential roadblocks and offer solutions to streamline the creative process.

Let us thrive together in facilitating seamless communication by delivering timely responses and clearly defining expectations for deadlines.

Let us actively seek clarification and feedback as needed, ensuring clarity and efficiency in our collaborative endeavors.

Working with stella

One of Stella's greatest assets is her flexible, collaborative attitude. During my time as her manager, our organization underwent many changes and Stella always greeted new challenges with positivity. I'm always grateful for her upbeat approach to problem solving and know I can count on her to take on new projects and flow seamlessly into new roles.

virginia rollison

Photography Manager


Stella leads through influence, and the example she sets for others. She works independently, demonstrating tremendous initiative. At the same time, she will be the cornerstone of your team, collaborating effectively with others and guiding the organization to achieve results.

Stephanie Edwards

Vice President, Growth


During my period working with Stella, not only does she get the job done but often taking a project in ways I had not thought of or expected. Stella's knowledge of art, architecture and design was incredibly useful and I learned a lot.

Matthew Swiezynski

Lead Curator

Material Bank


Work Experience

Curator/Photo Editor

Material Bank

Feb 2023 - Sep 2023

Digital Content Specialist / Curator

MOPO, Inc.

Mar 2021 - Mar 2022

Photo Editor


Feb 2019 - Mar 2020


Brooks Institute of Photography

Bachelor of Arts, Photography

Santa Barbara, CA USA

Dela Salle University

Bachelor of Arts, Communication Arts

Manila, Philippines

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